It is rare for a kidnapping charge to reach federal level. Most often, kidnapping charges are reported on a state level as felony crimes, punishable by time in the state penitentiary. But there are exceptions to this rule and kidnapping could certainly become a federal charge.

If you kidnap a person and take them into another state, your crime may turn into a federal offense rather than a state offense. However, even in cases where a person is kidnapped and taken across the state lines, it can be processed on the state level if so desired. Again, it’s best to speak to an attorney to learn the ins and outs of this very serious criminal charge.

People who are found guilty of a kidnapping charge are usually sentenced to lengthy time slots in prison. It is not uncommon for a person to receive a sentence of 20 years or more for a first-degree kidnapping charge. A second degree kidnapping charges may result in a sentence of 5 years or more.

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Fines are a part of a conviction for kidnapping. There is a substantial fine placed onto the convicted individual’s sentence. This fine must be paid or may be deducted out of future earnings once released from prison. The fine for an aggravated kidnapping charge may exceed $50,000 or more while a simple kidnapping charge may lead to a fine of $10,000 or more.

If you are charged with kidnapping, there is no time to hope for the best when so much is on the line if you’re convicted. Make sure you reach out to talk to a great criminal defense attorney dallas tx to learn the best steps to take in the matter, whether you are charged with a federal kidnapping or a state kidnapping charge.