On December 17, 1791, the Second Amendment of the United States was enacted into order, giving every American the right to bear arms. The amendment states that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed upon, but as most of us know, many issues may cause you to lose your right to bear arms. Fortunately, you may be able to get back your gun rights in some situations.

You may lose your right to own and use a gun if you are convicted of a felony crime in the state of Washington.  You are also forbidden to own a firearm if the following situations apply:

·    You’re a fugitive from justice

·    You’re a defendant waiting trail for a felony crime

·    Undocumented aliens

·    Aliens In the U.S. under non-immigrant visa

·    People convicted of domestic violence, including misdemeanor charges

·    Anyone under the age of 18 years old cannot purchase a shotgun or rifle

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·    Anyone under 21 years old may not purchase a firearm other than a rifle or a shotgun

If restoring gun rights spokane wa is something that you’re interested in doing, consult with an attorney. An attorney knows how to start the process of gun rights restoration for those who qualify and he makes the entire ordeal much easier.

You may qualify to restore your gun rights if:

·    You do not have any pending criminal charges

·    You’ve never been convicted of a sex-related offense

·    You’ve lived in the area for five consecutive years in a row

Individuals who wish to restore their right to bear arms must petition the court for such right. Doing this without an attorney is not easy, so talk to an attorney immediately. All of the fees associated with this case, including attorney fees, are the responsibility of the individual filing the case.